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  • SDM120Modbus Single Phase Multifunction Energy Meter

    • Class 1.0 Accuracy

    45A direct connect load

    • RS485 Port modbus RTU

    • 2 Pulse Output

    • 3 Mode measruements

    • 12 Electrical parameters

    • 17.5 mm width 1 modual

    • 35mm Din rail Mounted

    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download


    The energy-meters “with a blue back-lighted LCD screen for prefect reading” are used to measure single-phase like residential, utility and Industrial application. The unit measures and displays various important electrical parameters, and provide a RS485 communication port for remote reading and monitoring. Bi-directional energy measurement makes the unit a good choice for solar PV energy metering. The compact design and din rail installation provides a easy and economical solution for your metering demand.


    General Specifications

    Voltage AC (Un) 230V
    Voltage Range  176~276V AC
    Base Current (Ib)   5A
    Max. Current (Imax) 45A
    Mini Current (Imin)  0.25A
    Starting current  0.4% of Ib
    Power consumption  <2W/10VA
    Frequency   50/60Hz(±10%)
    AC voltage withstand  4KV for 1 minute
    Impulse voltage withstand  6KV-1.2uS wavform
    Overcurrent withstand  30Imax for 0.01s
    Pulse output rate  1000imp/kWh (default)
    100/10/1 imp/kWh/kVarh (configurable)
    Display  LCD with blue backlit
    Max. Reading  99999.9kWh


    Voltage 0.5% of range maximum
    Current 0.5% of nominal
    Frequency   0.2% of mid-frequency
    Power factor 1% of Unity
    Active power   1% of range maximum
    Reactive power   1% of range maximum
    Apparent power  1% of range maximum
    Active energy  Class 1 IEC62053-21
    Class B EN50470-3
    Reactive energy  1% of range maximum


    Operating temperature   -25℃ to + 55℃
    Storage and transportation temperature  -40℃ to +70℃
    Reference temperature 23℃±2℃
    Relative humidity   0 to 95%, non-condensing
    Altitude  up to 2500m
    Warm up time  10s
    Mechanical Environment M1
    Electromagnetic environment E2
    Degree of pollution  2


    Pulse Output

    The meter provides two pulse outputs. Both pulse outputs are passive type.

    Pulse output 1 is configurable. The pulse output can be set to generate pulses to represent total / import/export kWh or kVarh.

    The pulse constant can be set to generate 1 pulse per: 0.001(default) /0.01/0.1/1kWh/kVarh.

    Pulse width: 200/100/60ms

    Pulse output 2 is non-configurable. It is fixed up with total kWh. The constant is 1000imp/kWh.


    RS485 output for Modbus RTU

    The meter provides a RS485 port for remote communication. Modbus RTU is the protocol applied. For Modbus RTU, the following RS485 communication parameters can be configured from the Set-up menu.

    Baud rate:                 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600

    Parity:                       NONE/EVEN/ODD

    Stop bits:                  1 or 2

    Modbus Address:       1 to 247


    Din rail dimensions                                               17.5x119x62 (WxHxD) DIN 43880

    Mounting                                                            DIN rail 35mm

    Sealing                                                               IP51 (indoor)

    Material                                                              Self-extinguishing UL94V-0