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  • SDM120-Mbus 45A Multifunction Single Phase Energy Meter With Mbus Communication

    • Measures kWh, Kvarh, KW, Kvar, KVA, PF, Hz, dmd, V, A, etc.
    • Di-directional measurement IMP & EXP
    • Two pulse outputs
    • MBUS Communications
    • 17.5 mm width 1 modual
    • 45A direct connection
    • Class 1.0 accuracy
    • Din rail Mounted
    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download

    The energy-meters “with a blue back-lighted LCD screen for prefect reading” are used to measure single-phase like residential, utility and Industrial application. The unit measures and displays various important electrical parameters, and provide a MBUS communication port for remote reading and monitoring. Bi-directional energy measurement makes the unit a good choice for solar PV energy metering. The compact design and din rail installation provides a easy and economical solution for your metering demand.

    General Specifications

    Voltage AC (Un) 230V
    Voltage Range  176~276V AC
    Base Current (Ib)   5A
    Max. Current (Imax) 45A
    Mini Current (Imin)  0.25A
    Starting current  0.4% of Ib
    Power consumption  <2W/10VA
    Frequency   50/60Hz(±10%)
    AC voltage withstand  4KV for 1 minute
    Impulse voltage withstand  6KV-1.2uS wavform
    Overcurrent withstand  30Imax for 0.01s
    Pulse output rate  1000imp/kWh (default)
    100/10/1 imp/kWh/kVarh (configurable)
    Display  LCD with white  backlit
    Max. Reading  99999.9kWh


    Voltage 0.5% of range maximum
    Current 0.5% of nominal
    Frequency   0.2% of mid-frequency
    Power factor 1% of Unity
    Active power   1% of range maximum
    Reactive power   1% of range maximum
    Apparent power  1% of range maximum
    Active energy  Class 1 IEC62053-21
    Class B EN50470-3
    Reactive energy  1% of range maximum

    Operating temperature   -25℃ to + 55℃
    Storage and transportation temperature  -40℃ to +70℃
    Reference temperature 23℃±2℃
    Relative humidity   0 to 95%, non-condensing
    Altitude  up to 2500m
    Warm up time  10s
    Mechanical Environment M1
    Electromagnetic environment E2
    Degree of pollution  2


    Pulse Output 
    The meter provides two pulse outputs. Both pulse outputs are passive type.
    Pulse output 1 is configurable. The pulse output can be set to generate pulses to represent total / import/export kWh or kVarh.
    The pulse constant can be set to generate 1 pulse per: 0.001(default) /0.01/0.1/1kWh/kVarh.
    Pulse width: 60/100/200ms  Default: 100ms
    Pulse output 2 is non-configurable. It is fixed up with total kWh. The constant is 1000imp/kWh.

    M-Bus (Meter Bus) is a hierarchical system that consist of a Master,several Slaves and a pair of connecting cables.All the devices are serially connected to the Bus,and all the the serial communication process on the Bus are controlled by the major device.

    The work status of Mbus are Data transmission status and idle work status,the data are bidirectional transported between the Master and Slave.Only one Master is allowed to connect to the Bus when the data transmission happens from Mater to Slave direction,and the Master need to provide power to the Bus. Household utility meters can realize the function of remote meter reading via expanded to a Meter Bus and gain the ability of Bus communication.

    Eastron SDM120-Mbus single phase two wires meter supports MBUS remote communication function,its protocol standard is EN 13757-3-2004.
    Baud rate : 300, 600, 1200, 2400(default), 4800, 9600bps
    Parity :None/even/odd Default: even
    Stop bit :
    Primary address : 1 to 250
    Secondary address : 00 00 00 01 to 99 99 99 99